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      For the finest quality and selection of Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons and other shade plants that will thrive in Eastern and Southern gardens look to Homeplace Garden Nursery in the foothills of North Georgia. Our Growing conditions are just right, warm enough in summer to promote extensive root systems and cool enough - especially at night, to develop healthy foliage. Our maples are grown under thinned sixty year old Loblolly Pines for the perfect exposure and remain in the open year round for full development of hardiness.

     Don't be fooled into thinking that all healthy looking trees and shrubs have the the same chance to flourish when planted. A poor root system will either doom a plant to failure or hobble it for years.  Containerized plants grown in a peat or fir sawdust medium are susceptible to root rot when planted out in eastern conditions. Plants grown in the ground, soil and dug for shipment often have most of their roots lost in the digging. Our plants are all grown in containers in pure pine bark and we guarantee that our plants have a superior root system.